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Using The Internet To Find Potential Licensees

The following are suggested ways of using Internet resources to find potential manufacturers and licensees for your invention.
You may wish to bookmark them for future visits.

Yahoo Stock Quotes

Though limited to public companies, this site is an excellent resource for finding companies. Not only can you find out a company's mailing address, phone number, and fax, but also the names and titles of company officers, general company description, homepage address, and stock market chart as an indication of how the company is doing in general. You can also find a list of their competitors and other similar companies. [http://finance.yahoo.com]

If you know the manufacturer's name...

- Go to http://quote.yahoo.com
- Click on "Symbol Lookup".
- Type in a manufacturer's name. (Stock Market symbol is returned, if a public company.)
- Click on the Stock Market symbol.
- The company name is returned along with the company's stock market chart.
- Click on "Profile" to obtain information about the company.

To find additional manufacturers...

- You can find a listing of direct compeditors or similar businesses by, now, clicking on either the "Industry:________" or the "Sector:_________" links.

To find manufacturers unknown to you...

- Go to http://quote.yahoo.com
- Click on "Symbol Lookup".
- Type in a partial manufacturer's name. (For Golfing Equipment Manufacturers, you might want to try "golf" as a partial name. Keep trying other appropriate words.)

Yahoo.Com (and other search engines)

You can use any of the search engines and surf through their menu system in search of manufacturers.

- Go to http://www.yahoo.com
- Click on "Business & Economy" category.
- Click on "Companies".
- Click on an appropriate company type.


This is not just any search engine because it searches ALL of the major search engines at once.  You may wish to make this your main search engine. [http://www.dogpile.com]

The Thomas Register

This local library reference is now on the Internet. Register at the site for free and receive your password to access the database. Look up companies by category or name. Partial name searches may also be performed with key words. Note: Write down your password. [http://www.thomasregister.com]


Search for a business by category or partial name. Unlike other Yellow Pages sites, this search does not limit you to seaching one state at a time. [http://www.switchboard.com]


Search for postal addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses. Even allows reverse infomation searches whereby you enter the address and find out a name. You can even enter a general Internet domain address such as "@nyspi.com" and get a listing of e-mail addresess using that particular domain. May provide a direct means of contacting a specific person at a company without going through the front desk. [www.infospace.com]

Also Worth A Try...

  • Visit invention marketing web sites. Sometimes such a site lists the types of invention categories they are involved in and the companies they have supposedly licensed inventions to. Take a look at the list and note any new company names in your category.
  • Look up patents of other products that are in your general catagory and note any that have been "assigned" to a company.  You may find little know companies that may also be interested in your product.